photo (61)-1 Jeff Jo ( CEO ) Hair Artist

An expert in the art of precision examples of an abstract apa cutting, Jeff trained at Japan before launching his career in Korea, where he spent more than a decade making name for himself as a premier hair stylist. He firmly believes that beauty differs from person to person, and strives to create easily maintained styles that bring out his clients’ unique natural beauty. No matter who’s in his chair, he’s adept at customizing his cuts and styles in a way that accentuates every individual’s unique beauty and flair.


sandySandy Kim ( Hair Artist )

highly skilled hair stylist with an innate knack for creating flattering cuts, Sandy has become one of the best stylists around the Bay area. She’s gained extensive experience from Korea and LA. Because she has a skill for tailoring client’s hair to suit the unique aesthetic of each and every one of her clients. Her unique sense of creativity and style, much of which is inspired by the simple beauty in everyday life, that truly sets her apart from her peers, giving her the ability to create the perfect style for each client she works with.


 Grace ( Manager ) Hair Artist

One of the most highly sought after stylists in Bay Area, Grace has become of the most in-demand stylists in Korean Salon over the last decade. She has been working in prestigious hair salons in Korea for around 10 years before she joined Korean Salon. Upon relocating to the Bay Area, she quickly became a premier cutter and stylist. Over the course of her career, the main philosophy of her work is to provide her clients with great satisfaction and pleasure while their hair is in her hand. She also enjoys sharing with her client’s helpful tips and tricks on taking care of their hair once they leave the salon.




Shannon  ( Hair Artist )







 Lucy ( Hair Artist )